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Hello, welcome to my blog  my life!

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Let me introduce my self Long story short, I’m Dessy Natalia, 30+ years old, Indonesian, and you can call me Dessy. Actually, Donat is my childhood nickname because I used to love doughnut so much. That’s why I name this blog “Dessy Donat.”

I have been working as a Key Account Manager for about 8 years at a FMCG company in Bogor and I live in Bogor, Indonesia. I should be a chemist by the way, because I’ve learned all about chemistry for 4 years (and finally graduated), but I didn’t really enjoy it so I decided to learn more about communication and took Public Relations as my major, as I’m a talkative one LOL.

Writing is my PASSION. It’s really easy for me to be happy after writing something. I do love traveling too. You can stop by here to get some references for your next holiday as I also write the itinerary and budget details. I really hope it’s helpful for you.

Mostly, this blog tells you about traveling, skin care product review for sensitive skin (as mine), marriage life, and financial issue too.

If you want me to review your product, invite me to your product launching or other kind of cooperation, you can contact me through email at dessy3natalia@gmail.com or send DM to my Instagram @dessydonat

I have collaborated with some brands such as Tokopedia, Javamifi, Dunia Fantasi Ancol (Dufan), Seaworld, SUMIA Aesthetic Clinic, Orami, Scarlett Whitening, OVO, etc.

You can visit my social media too (and follow maybe hehe).

Instagram : @dessydonat

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Dessy Donat


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